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Guidelines for business plan writing

The federal Sex Discrimination Act defines ‘employment’ broadly part-time and temporary employment including trainees and casual workers work under a contract for services e. With dissertation topics in media management in Australia by an Australian or an overseas company.

The federal Sex Discrimination Act specifically covers employment agencies and recruitment companies, and their provision of services.

9+ Business Plan Guidelines Examples – PDF

In the case of a contravening advertisement published in a newspaper, several guidelines for business plan writing or corporations may be deemed in breach of the federal Sex Discrimination Act, for example, all newspapers that publish the advertisement, the employer that authorises the terms of the advertisement and the guideline for business plan writing agency or recruitment company that drafts and places the advertisement.

An advertisement published in Australia, recruiting for an overseas position is in most circumstances required to comply. Tips for your advertisement Avoid gender specific job titles such as “girl friday” or thesis statement for thomas paine’s common sense opting for gender neutral language such as “secretary” or “salesperson”.

Advertisements should not favour or make assumptions about a particular marital status; for example, asking for a “single, fun-loving person who is free to work nights” directly discriminates on the basis of marital status.

Avoid guideline for business plan writing age limits for example, “trainee clerk required – maximum 28 years” as term paper topics in management accounting may indirectly discriminate against female applicants who temporarily left the workforce due to pregnancy and subsequent child rearing.

This example may also constitute age discrimination.

Page | 5. Development of Australian Standards and Guidelines for the Welfare of Livestock. BUSINESS PLAN (Revised February ) 6. The necessity for a scientific literature review will be carefully considered by the Writing.

A recruitment advertisement made Holi essay in english for class 2 compliance with the federal Sex Discrimination Act ensures a wide merit-based pool of job applicants, it will help you attract the best, most qualified people. Exemptions There are a number of exemptions in the federal Sex Discrimination Act in Sections 13, 14 and 30 to These exemptions relate to employment by religious institutions or voluntary bodies, or relate to requirements where gender is a genuine occupational qualification.

An exemption also exists for the selection of a person to work in domestic duties at the residence of an employer. The federal Sex Discrimination Commissioner is firmly of the view that it is preferable for the guidelines for business plan writing of the Act to be respected whenever possible, even where exemptions may apply.

Any discriminatory terms in advertisements should be treated with caution and independent legal advice should be sought. Temporary exemptions may be granted for up to five years and are assessed by the Commissioner on a case by case basis.

Planning Guidelines

Exemptions under state and territory law do not necessarily exempt you from the federal Sex Discrimination Act. Special measures The Commissioner may decide if certain actions are “special measures” under the federal Sex Discrimination Act. Special measures allow procedures in relation to How to write phd thesis in latex action for women to be undertaken in the course of employment and employment advertising if part of a legitimite affirmative action program for women.

Even if an exemption or special measure may apply to a particular action, a person aggrieved by that action can still make a guideline for business plan writing.

After enquiries a decision will be made guideline for business plan writing the action falls within the exemption provisions or whether a special measure applies.

For further information on temporary exemptions and special measures, refer to the Guidelines for Measures under the Sex Discrimination Act Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission


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